Science Fair Guidelines

We are so excited to host our Home School Science Fair again this year! I know the home schoolers are excited and already thinking about which experiments they would like to do. Below are the guidelines for the Science Fair. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your home school teacher, oremail Mrs. Patti at

Science Fair 2017 Rules and Guidelines

Basic Information:

  • The Science Fair will take place during our regular class time on May 22nd. The students have two weeks to complete their experiments, as well create their presentation boards.
  • Students will setup and present during the first half of class. Parents are invited to attend from 2:15-3 pm.
  • We sent home a safety pledge with the students this week showing them ways to stay safe when performing their experiments. Remember: Safety First!
  • We want to encourage independent work with the students. Parents should be there for guidance and assistance, but make sure the students are performing as much as the experiments themselves as possible.
  • If you are researching a topic idea, make sure it is age-appropriate. For instance, a good Google search would be something like “Science Fair Projects for 3rd graders”.
  • If you have a tablet, you may show a video of the experiment in addition to the tri-fold board. However, the student will be responsible for bringing, setting up and keeping track of the equipment themselves. Our computers will not be available to the students.


Judging will be based on a variety of things including:

  • Did you follow the scientific method? Is each section presented on the tri-fold board?
  • Thoroughness of investigation and research
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Report of Findings
  • Creativity of ideas!


Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each age group. Awards will be presented at the end of class.


The display board should be a tri-fold board. The students will be asked to include the following information:

  • Title – really big for everyone to see!
  • The Question
  • The Hypothesis
  • The Materials Used
  • The Procedure
  • The Results – charts or graphs
  • Your Conclusion – was your hypothesis right or wrong?

Have fun with the boards! Include pictures of you performing the experiments, or pictures of the end results.

**Please Note: We will not be performing the experiments in class, only the findings. You may bring props or end result, if it is not messy or space consuming. Please do not bring any live specimens, food or chemicals to class.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s presentations! Happy Experimenting! 



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