Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Need some ideas for the upcoming science fair? Below is a list of possible experiments you can do! You can also use your own idea.  If you want to pick your own topic, you may research age-appropriate science fair topics with your parent. Let your teacher know which experiment you want to do next week.

For the 5 and 6/7 year old classes:

  • How much water does a plant need?
  • Can you suck an egg into a bottle?
  • Can you make a rubber egg?
  • Does music have an effect on animal behavior?
  • What dissolves in water? Pick several different food items and see what dissolves!
  • Walking water! Can water move from one glass to the next, without you pouring it?
  • Which items are magnetic? Find several items to test!
  • Do plants need water? Put a carnation or celery in colored water to find out!
  • Can you blow up a balloon using baking soda?
  • Sink or Float! Which items float and which ones sink? (fruits/veggies, candy bars, etc)
  • Make a volcano, sink hole, or tornado in a bottle.
  • Does every liquid freeze?
  • How are canyons formed?
  • What is the best liquids to clean pennies?
  • Can you make invisible ink?
  • Which brand of paper towels absorb the most water?
  • Does the shape of the ice determine if it melts faster?
  • Do worms prefer light or darkness? Wet or dry homes?
  • Do plants prefer water, or another type of liquid?
  • Do all rocks sink? Try all different types of rocks including pumice and granite!
  • Do birds prefer certain colors? Put out different colored seeds and find out!
  • Are all metals magnetic?
  • Are Bounty paper towels more absorbent than regular paper towels?
  • Can you keep apples from turning brown? What is the best way?
  • What items in your house contain iron? Use a magnet to check foods, dollar bills, etc.
  • Which flavor of gum lasts longer?
  • Can aspirin help keep flowers fresher longer?

For the 8/9 and 10/12 year olds:

  • What is condensation? How is it formed?
  • Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?
  • Make a plant light box.
  • Can you make your own crystals?
  • Do plants move towards the light? Create a show-box maze!
  • Do different liquids have different densities? Layer your liquids!
  • How strong are eggs? Can you walk on them?
  • Can objects change states between solids, liquids, and gases? Try water or candles!
  • Can you make it rain? Make a habitat and see if you can make it rain in it.
  • Can you make a clock run on a potato?
  • What can Coke dissolve?
  • Do different shapes of a kite make it fly better?
  • Disappearing color! Can you make food dye vanish from water?
  • Do double-stuff Oreos have more crème filling than regular Oreos?
  • What food do birds like the most?
  • Which oils or foods repel ants? Try Olive oil, Cinnamon Oil, etc.
  • Does salt water have more density than regular water? Or sugar water?
  • How does yeast make bread rise? What conditions work best for yeast? (hot, cold, room temp?)
  • Can you make a battery out of produce? What works best? (potato, lemon, etc?)
  • Does temperature affect brine shrimp? What temperature water to they prefer?
  • Why do webbed feet help ducks swim better?
  • How can you keep food from rotting?
  • Why do avocados and apples turn brown? Can you prevent that from happening?
  • What are the best activities to increase your heart rate?
  • How does a rainbow form?
  • Do sugar and salt look the same under a microscope?
  • How do rollercoasters work?
  • What flavor of jellybeans do people hate the most? Like the most?
  • How does a microphone work?
  • Can you grow your own bacteria?
  • What is the best stain-remover for clothes?
  • What type of dirt holds more water? (sand, topsoil, compost, clay, etc).
  • Can double-dipping a chip spread bacteria?
  • Which brand of battery lasts longer?
  • What type of food grows mold the fastest?

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