A Day at the Meadow!

If you plant a flower, you will provide food for pollinators like butterflies, bees, beetles, and even some birds. If you have insects, you will attract animals that eat them like frogs, toads, and lizards. If you have frogs and lizards, you will provide food for bigger animals like opossums, snakes, and larger birds.

Insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, AND mammals? Look how many organisms you helped! All because you planted a flower.

My point? GO PLANT FLOWERS! 🙂 Start with the seed balls we sent home today! Our seed balls were made with potting soil, clay, and water. We added a wildflower seed mix in the middle of each ball. All you have to do is plant it somewhere in a pot or a garden, then water it, and wait for the beautiful blooms to arrive!

Our wildflower seed mix contains plants that are native to our area. They include Indian blanket, purple coneflower, tropical sage, black-eyed susan, and more!

In addition to making seed balls to take home, we spent time in our meadow sweep netting for insects! Check out the pictures below. We did manage to get pictures of a few of the insects before we released them back to their habitats. Would you like to try and identify them? Check out Bug Guide or iNaturalist for references.

Some cool winged insect, gray colored. Too fast for the camera!
Ms. Tiffany identified this as a two-lined spittlebug!
A chrysalis
We found several of these caterpillars.
Walking stick literally walked right up to us!
What kind of beetle do you think this is? It was yellow, with rows of black dots on it’s back.
This guy was teeny tiny! What does he look like to you?
Black and fuzzy! We didn’t touch this one just in case it was poisonous. Remember, don’t touch an insect unless you know it is safe.
We found several of these tiny beetles!
And of course we caught spiders, too!


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