Toad Abode!

Toad adobes are a great project for your student to make! It is a fun and easy way to provide a habitat for a toad in  your yard. Toads are beneficial creatures because they are a natural pest control for your garden. An adult toad can consume an average of 10,000 insects in one summer! That’s a lot of bugs and slugs!

Like most animals, toads prefer a certain habitat. You want to place your toad home in a shady spot where the soil is the dampest. You can put it under a bush, near a downspout, or under an air conditioner drip. You can place the adobe on a few rocks so the toad can hop inside. You can also lay it on it’s side and bury it a little in the dirt. (See pictures below).

Lay the abode on it’s side, and burying the bottom third of the pot. Make sure there is dirt inside the pot.
Place the abode on rocks.










Remember organisms also need water to survive. You can place a small, shallow saucer with water near the abode. Here are some of the awesome toad abodes decorated by our Home School kids this week!



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