What can we learn from nature?

This month’s Nature’s Inventions is all about studying nature, and then putting that knowledge to good use.

Biomimicry is looking for solutions to human’s problems by asking nature, “how would you solve this?”. 

Plants, trees, animals, fungi, bacteria – these guys know what they are doing! They have perfected a way of living and surviving here on Earth. Organisms who don’t know how to survive, or don’t evolve, simply die out. Survival of the fittest!

So what can we learn from nature? It is not wasteful, it is self-sufficient, it evolves to survive, it can adapt, and works together in harmony. Everything plants, animals and fungi need to live can be found in nature.

Humans are learning that nature has a perfect way of doing things already in place. If we want to live more efficiently, protect our planet, and create better products, then it is time we start looking at a better role model.

So, engineers are now looking to the world of biology for inspiration. So many new designs and inventions are being based on plants and animals! By studying their adaptations, we can see what makes each organism unique and how they are able to survive.



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