Growing Gross Stuff in Petri Dishes!

What did we grow?? 

This week we set out to find the grossiest place in the Arboretum. The Home Schoolers were given swabs and told to pick a place they thought were full of germs and bacteria. Some of the places they swabbed included bathroom sink handles, trash bins, bottom of shoes, front desk keyboard and, of course, the toilet seats!

We hid the petri dishes in a warm, dark area for several days to let our colonies grow. We will view them under the microscopes when we return to class.

Want a sneak peek?? Check out a few of the cultures below! Where do you think each swab was taken? What do you think is the germiest place in the Arboretum?

Click on the image to enlarge it!

20161118_174425_1479512958258 20161118_174435_1479512958138 thumbnail_20161118_174508_1479512957769 20161118_174401_1479512958031



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