Day 2: Rotting Carcasses!

In class, we hypothesized what we thought might happen to the carcasses we left rotting in the forest. We knew there would be some amount of decomposition, but we don’t know how much. We also knew there would be some kind of insect activity. One thing we didn’t discuss was how weather might effect the decomposition of the carcasses. On Day 2, it rained off and on throughout the day. Once the rain cleared out, we were left with heat and humidity.

My questions for you:

  • Do you think weather is an important factor when it comes to decomposition?
  • How do you think rain effected the carcasses and insect activity?
  • Do you think carcasses will decompose faster in colder weather or warmer weather? Why?


Day 2 Pictures!

Day 2
The ants are everywhere! Mrs. Patti’s_6/7 class


Mrs. Patti’s_6/7 class


Zoom in close to see the beautiful color of the flies! Mr Justin_5 yr old class.


What?? Zoom in to see what is going on there! Mrs Laurie_8/9 class


See those yellow things? What are they? Mrs Laurie_8/9 class


If you guessed eggs – you were right! Mrs Laurie_8/9 class


Flies and ants are here, too! Ms. Tiffany_10/12 class
This was under a Loblolly pine tree. The rain dropped a lot of debris on the plate from the tree. Ms. Tiffany_10/12 class


Guess who else who attracted to the rotting meat? Yellow jackets! What do you think they are doing there? Ms. Tiffany_10/12 class


What will happen next?? Can’t wait to find out!

Questions? Comments? Leave a message for us on the post!


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