We put the ICKY in Ickyology

Ickology: The study of all things icky, gross and just plain disgusting!

This is one of my favorite units to teach! This week we talked about rotting and vomiting! From bee regurgitation to slimy snails to playing with maggots – it was a gross day!

Bee barf, anyone?

Each class also set up an experiment to see what will happen if we leave raw meat rotting in our woods. We put raw chicken legs and pork chops in cages and hiked out to the Outer Loop. I will take pictures every couple of days to see if there are any changes to the meat. Keep checking back here for updates!


  • What do you think will happen to the meat?
  • What do you expect to find when we pick the cages back up next week?
  • We used special cages called living traps, or Have a Heart cages. Why did we use those? 
  • We also tethered the cages to a nearby tree. Why was this a good idea?



Day One:

About one hour after class ended, we hiked back out to double check that our experiments were set up properly and take Day 1 pictures. Look at them below. What do you see?

Always the first to a picnic! Who are these 6 legged visitors?
Something was buzzzzzzzing around!

20161010_163423_1476213735815_resized 20161010_162755_1476213765185_resized


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