Sweep Netting!

It was a beautiful day in the Meadow for sweep netting! While learning about what spider like to eat (insects!), we decided to get an up close and personal look at their prey.  We caught a variety of insects including praying mantis, inchworms, caterpillars, assassin bugs, shield bugs, grasshoppers, and of course, spiders!

20160926_140905_1475083080797_resized 20160926_141012_1475083085364_resized 20160926_141016_1475083084061_resized 20160926_141027_1475083087475_resized 20160926_141320_1475083090562_resized 20160926_141323_1475083096343_resized 20160926_141330_1475083092541_resized 20160926_141354_1475083098626_resized 20160926_142210_1475082988175_resized 20160926_142216_1475082986055_resized 20160926_142812_1475082984903_resized 20160926_142853_1475082983673_resized 20160926_142917_1475082982128_resized 20160926_143011_1475082979520_resized 20160926_143141_1475082978181_resized 20160927_110956_1475082975532_resized img_0132_1475084346064 img_0134_1475084346549 img_0137_1475084346661 img_0141_1475084345871


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