Flowers on our hike today!

Pollen and seeds were the topics of today’s lessons! The students learned how seeds travel (by water, air or animal), studied and experimented with different seeds, and went for a flower hike! We even took swabs of the pollen from the flowers!

Here are some of the flowers we found on our hike. A couple even had pollinators on them!

20160328_144109_resizedPawpaw flowerlantanafritilary on crossvine 20160328_161832_resized 20160328_161659_resized_1 20160328_161707_resized 20160328_161741_resized 20160328_161804_resized 20160328_161608_resized 20160328_144219_resized 20160328_143926_resized 20160328_162056_resized 20160328_161838_resized 20160328_143329_resized 20160328_143333_resized 20160328_143350_resized


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