Take Home Activities – Nocturnal Insects

Now is a good time to get outside and search for bugs before the weather gets cool. Now that the sun is setting earlier it is easier for the students to stay up and search for nocturnal insects. Here is a great way to attract bugs:

Hang a white sheet up in your yard, preferably near a tree or garden. Shine a bright light on the blanket and wait a couple hours. Go out and check the sheet! Many nocturnal insects like moths are often attracted to light and white-colored objects.

Art extension – have your student draw a picture depicting the characteristics of one of the insects they saw. Make sure they have the correct number of body parts, eyes, wings, legs, etc.

Math Extension – Repeat this activity for several nights and count how bugs have visited your white sheet. You can track of how many insects you see each night, or how many different types of insects you see. Create a bar graph or line chart depicting your results.


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